“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”
— 1 Peter 4:10

A Steward's Way

The life of a Christian steward models the life of Jesus. Those who seek to live as stewards learn that “all things work for good for those who love God.”
— Romans 8:28

After Jesus, we look to Mary as an ideal steward. As the Mother of Christ, she lived her ministry in a spirit of fidelity and service; she responded generously to the call. We must ask ourselves: Do we also wish to be disciples of Jesus Christ and Christian stewards of our world and our Church? Central to our human and Christian vocations, as well as to the unique vocation each one of us receives from God, is that we be good stewards of the gifts we possess. God gives us this divine-human workshop, this world and Church of ours.

The Spirit shows us the way. Stewardship is a part of that journey.


The Good Steward

The U.S. Bishops Pastoral Letter on Stewardship tells us that a steward is one who receives God’s gifts gratefully, cultivates them responsibly, shares them lovingly and in justice, and returns them with increase to the Lord.

How can we, as individual Catholics and a Catholic school, grow in faith, love and service to our Lord?

  • Prayer. We receive God’s gifts gratefully through prayer and worship focused on thanksgiving.

  • Cultivate Responsibility. We cultivate God’s gifts responsibly through formation and education focused on learning more about stewardship and how to be better disciples.

  • Outreach. We share our gifts lovingly and in justice when we share them with others especially, the less fortunate.

  • Process and Evaluation. We can return them with increase to the Lord by giving adequately to the Lord’s instrument here on earth, our Church.