Elementary & Middle School

St. Jude Catholic School is the parish school of St. Jude Catholic Church, and as such, is a Roman Catholic institution of the Diocese of Peoria. Thus, the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, and physical elements of education that it offers are taught within the context of the Catholic Faith. St. Jude Catholic School adheres to a well-balanced curriculum that includes:



This curriculum area encompasses Creed, Sacrament, Christian Life, and Prayer. Throughout their years at St. Jude, students grow in knowledge of the Catholic faith. The students gain an understanding of the human need for God, learn to apply Scripture to life, use prayer daily knowing this is the primary way we grow in relationship with our Lord, and are taught Catholic doctrine appropriate to their grade level.



The goal of math at SJCS is for students to achieve mathematical proficiency through master of math skills, concepts, and processes. Students learn to think and reason mathematically and use mathematics to solve problems. Students explore concepts that include number logic, geometric shapes and concepts, fractions, place value, time and measurement, symmetry, and the ability to read graphs.


Language Arts

This broad curriculum includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, spelling, phonics, vocabulary development, handwriting, and research. Each grade level curriculum emphasizes working with words, independent and guided reading, writing, and communication skills. Beginning in kindergarten with phonemic awareness, decoding, pre-reading and reading, oral, and written expression, the curriculum develops each year with spelling, reading fluency and comprehension, study of genres and themes, vocabulary development, handwriting, sentence structure, mechanics, and grammar in writing.



The Lab Learner program integrates chemistry, physics, life science, and environmental science into an elementary curriculum designed to provide the fundamental science content and develop conceptual thinking. It consists completely of hands-on observations, experiments, and findings using scientific equipment.


Social Studies

The National Council for Social Studies cites the primary purpose of social studies is to help young people develop the ability to make informed decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world. A SJCS emphasis in the primary grades is on the child’s place within the community and the world at large. Projects are integrated with geography and history units.

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An integral part of our curriculum, students engage in active, hands-on learning activities rooted in several leading music education methods, including Orff, Kodaly, and Music Learning Theory. Over their years at SJCS, students develop healthy singing techniques, learn to read and write music, play classroom instruments to prepare them for advanced instrumental studies, and actively participate in the music making process. We do not simply expose our students to music in hopes of fostering musical appreciation – we strive to equip them with actual musical skills. Our goal at SJCS is to help our students become competent musicians – musicians who are able to make music with their voices, on instruments, and in worship for a lifetime.



Each grade covers the art elements of line, color, shape and form, texture and pattern, and space according to their level. The areas of emphasis include drawing, self-expression, culture and history, artists, aesthetics, and media exploration.


Physical Education

Our goal is to teach students the fundamental importance of everyday movement through games and activity. Students learn a wide range of exercise, games and activities. Each class consists of a variety of warm-ups, group games, team sports, fitness activities, movement, and motor skills.


Foreign Language

Students at St. Jude Catholic School learn Spanish beginning in the 4 year old program. Students begin by learning basic Spanish greetings, words, songs, and culture before advancing to reading and writing Spanish by the upper elementary grades.