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2017/2018 Tuition

The following tuition rates are offered to parish families:

K-8th Grade Per child     Preschool Per child
1st Child $4,520     3YO 1/2 day $1,995
2nd Child $2,260     4YO 1/2 day $2,570
3rd+ Child  $1,130     Full Day (3&4YO) $4,620


The following tuition rates are offered to non-parish families:

K-8th Grade Per child     Preschool Per child
1st Child $5,565     3YO 1/2 day $2,450
        4YO 1/2 day $3,155
        Full Day (3&4YO) $5,670

A $225 registration fee is charged to all families.


Payment Schedule 

Payments are expected to be made via electronic withdrawal on the 5th of each month from August through May. When an account is delinquent by more than 20 days, late fees of 5% of the late amount will be assessed.

Families of Kindergarten through Eighth Grade students who wish to pay annually, before the school year begins, will be entitled to a $95 discount from the above tuition schedule. The annual pay method is only available to those paying tuition in full. Those using the annual tuition method will be entitled to a 50% refund of the amount paid if the school office is notified prior to the Christmas holiday period of the student(s) withdrawal for the school year at that time or earlier.

For those students beginning after the school year has started, tuition will be prorated based on the number of months (including partial months) remaining in the school year.

Registration for the next school year will not be allowed if a student’s tuition and fees are not paid in full.


Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance will be based on the Peoria Diocesan guidelines using the FACTS aid assessment process. Scholarship applications may be submitted online until March 15 for the upcoming school year, and the school office can help with any questions or concerns.


Diocesan Scholarships

The John Lancaster Spalding Scholarship is an endowment fund established as a result of the Diocese of Peoria ROOTED IN FAITH Campaign and named in honor of Archbishop Spalding, the first Bishop of Peoria.

Tuition assistance scholarship grants are available to students enrolled in / intending to enroll in grades kindergarten through 12 in any Catholic school located in the Diocese of Peoria whose families are members of a Catholic parish in the diocese. All grants will be based on financial need objectively assessed. Information about the grants and application materials may be obtained using the links below or by contacting any Catholic elementary or secondary school in the Diocese of Peoria.

Families of students who are currently in receipt of grants are reminded that all grants are for one year only, and anyone seeking to renew a grant for next year must reapply.

Click here to learn more about the John Lancaster Spalding Scholarship program.