St. Jude Catholic School offers a superior spiritual, cognitive, and social foundation that prepares students well for the next grade level.  Focus on core skills in all subject areas and innovative teaching techniques keep students engaged in learning. 

Our Curriculum

St. Jude Catholic School adheres to a well-balanced curriculum that includes religion, math, language arts (phonics, spelling, grammar, literature, vocabulary, penmanship and writing), history, geography, science, music, art, physical education, and foreign language.  The curricula used for each element of the academic and religious program is based upon the Common Core Standards and enriched by teachers and staff regularly.



Each school day begins and ends in prayer, and prayer is integrated throughout the day.

Prayer services, devotions, and masses are celebrated weekly with emphasis on the liturgical seasons.

Religion classes are taught daily, teaching students to know and respect Catholic doctrine and witness their faith in word and deed.



Curriculum is developmentally appropriate, challenging students to reach their highest potential.

Teachers use differentiated instruction to engage students at their individual level.


Enriching the Whole Child

Each student’s intellectual, spiritual, physical, social and emotional development is emphasized throughout the curriculum.


Serving God’s Kingdom

Catholic Social Teaching is a fundamental component of St. Jude as we learn to serve others in our school, our parish, the community and the world.


Fostering Academic Excellence

Students at St. Jude Catholic School:

  • receive a solid foundation in reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies;
  • practice critical thinking, problem solving and computational skills;
  • learn to appreciate the arts and participate in a dynamic music education program;
  • become effective communicators who read for understanding, actively listen, write clearly and correctly, and speak effectively with confidence and poise;
  • begin learning a foreign language (Spanish);
  • know the importance of physical well-being;
  • use information, technology and media to enhance learning.


Character Development and Discipline

Students at St. Jude learn in a disciplined environment where positive behavior is rewarded. The goal of the school is to instill good habits in all our students that will lead to strength of character as they grow. Growing in virtue is a hallmark of the education at St. Jude Catholic School.

   Preschool Program

   Elementary and Middle School



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